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"Markets change and so will we."SM

Our Financial Services


A Comprehensive Approach to 

Investing Confidently

Using our sophisticated asset management strategies, we attempt to minimize your risk while maximizing your return. We are able to accomplished this risk adjusted return by by choosing the right mix of asset types and then moving between them depending on what is actually happening in the markets. Tactical money management is nimble enough to move quickly but disciplined enough to avoid making rash emotional decisions. 


Set Your Goals and Utilize All Means to Achieve Them

Investing should always start with a purpose. We take the time to understand our client's goals, passions, and motivations. We help translate our clients desires into an actionable and measurable plan and be accountability partners in reaching your goal. Financial planning allows you to easily understand how your decisions and actions today will affect your goals later. As part of our planning services we help clients minimize taxes, and optimize the benefits of donating.  


Peer-t0-Peer Consulting for Nonprofit Leaders & Visionaries

Combining our experience working with over 400 nonprofit clients to a powerful network of innovative and industry leading professionals gives Lily Wealth Management a serious competitive edge for this market. Nonprofits, foundations, churches, schools, dioceses, religious congregations, medical facilities, human aid organizations, and missionary endeavors are just some of the nonprofits that rely on Lily Wealth Management for their financial consulting. 


Respecting Your Beliefs Every Step of the Investment Process

Whether it is avoiding certain investments because they go against God's Word or choosing to invest in certain areas because of the benefits to the global or Christian community, we are committed to bringing our clients the options they need to sleep at night knowing their faith and finances are working together.

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Senior Managing Partner

Director of Portfolio Management

Accredited Investment Fiduciary

401(K) Plan Consultant

28 Years of Financial Industry Experience


Nonprofit Strategist

Provides Advice on Philanthropy and Giving Strategies

Licensed Fundraising Professional

Masters of Science in Church/Nonprofit Management

Asset Management Team

Lily Wealth Management has spent many years forging committed relationships and ultimately bringing together partners, contracted financial professionals, consultants, and corporations to create a group of Risk Management Partners. We have strategically aligned ourselves with these professionals in order to live up to our commitment to preserve our clients' wealth by managing risk.

Here are some facts about our Risk Management Partners:

  • $13 Billion Combined Assets Under Management

  • As of 2017, our team has 539 Years of Combined Investment Industry Experience

  • Eleven Strategies - Dating As Far Back as 1977

  • Eight Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)

  • Eight Attorneys at Law

  • Seven Institutional Signal Providers

  • Six Active Investment Advisors

  • Six Corporate Consulting Firms

  • Four Institutional Money Managers

  • Four CPAs

  • Two Harvard MBAs

  • Two Harvard Law School Graduates

  • Two MIT Graduates

  • A Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

  • Client-Facing Research Since 1946



Relationships are the basis of our business. Just as we painstakingly and slowly earn the trust of our clients over years of investing their assets, we have formed similar relationships with our money managers, consultants, and advisors. We are committed to the utmost transparency with out clients, going above and beyond professional standards to ensure our clients understand what is happening with their money and why. Our strong relationships, built over the past several decades are our "secret sauce" for how we can manage our clients risk so well at such a fair price. We reserve these relationships for our clients only. Prospective clients who feel a need to obtain information about our team are encouraged to contact us so we can provide you with enough information to make an informed decision. 

Markets change and so will we.

We are flexible and tactical by nature with 80% of our strategies.  We do not attempt to “predict” what the markets will do, but rather we “react” to what the markets are doing.  “He who lives by the glass ball, learns how to eat broken glass”. In our continued attempt to create the best investment combinations we possibly could using our team's 539 years of combined investment experience, we have come up with the following six portfolios. These six portfolios are completely focused on giving our investors the best return for the least risk given your current tolerance level.


For investors with a lower risk tolerance

The Primary Goal of this strategy is preservation of your hard earned dollars. Avoiding losses is key.  The Secondary Goal of this strategy is to deliver consistent growth for someone looking for consistent INCOME.   We attempt to accomplish these goals with the mindset of managing risk first by mainly hiding in cash when markets are moving down.  Or by limiting our stock exposure with an emphasis on any type of bond market exposure.   We also attempt to accomplish our goal of mid to higher single digit returns by being flexible and tactical.  This strategy fluctuates between 10-30% stock exposure and is 100% liquid.


For investors with a moderate risk tolerance

The Primary Goal of this strategy is also preservation of your hard earned dollars but with a little more stock exposure.  Avoiding losses is key.  The Secondary Goal of this strategy is to deliver solid, consistent GROWTH but in the high single digit range.  We attempt to accomplish these goals by managing risk first via cash, short term bonds, hedging strategies to reduce volatility of the stock market and in some cases option contracts for income/dividends and for consistent INCOME. This strategy can range between 30-60% stock exposure and is 100% liquid.


For investors with a higher risk tolerance

The Primary Goal of this strategy is above average GROWTH but with less market volatility.   Avoiding losses is still key, but accepting more volatility is OK.  This strategy will NOT always move with the markets but attempts to make money while the markets move up, down and sideways.  The Secondary Goal of this strategy is to reduce the stock market volatility so you don’t have to worry and can TRUST THE PROCESS and actually experience the growth that this strategy is fully capable of.  That means leave it alone for at least one full market cycle which is a 5-7 year commitment even though you have 100% liquidity.  This strategy can range between 50-80% stock exposure but like all of our portfolios, that is a moving target.


For investors with longer time horizons who can tolerate risk.

The Primary Goal of this strategy is to make above average returns and to do it as consistently as possible regardless of the stock markets moving up, down or sideways.  The Secondary Goal is to limit major monthly hits as much as possible and to recover from them as fast as possible when they do happen.  This strategy has tools that short the market and use leverage to make money in all market environments.  Flexibility is the key to it’s success.  This strategy will clearly have more volatility and therefor requires a full market cycle commitment with 100% liquidity.  This strategy will range between 75%-125% stock market exposure. 


For investors with strict moral and ethical commitments

The Primary Goal of this strategy is to have an individual stock portfolio that is filtered to be compliant with a Christian-based equity index. We rely on research that stems back to the 1940’s for the initial filter steps and then proceed from there.  This strategy gives more stringent "purity" standards than even Christian mutual fund. The secondary goal of this portfolio is to have bond market exposure and hedging exposure to offset the volatility of the individual stock companies selected in the filter process.  One full market cycle commitment of 5-7 years is necessary with 100% liquidity.  This strategy will range between 50%-100% stock market exposure.


For investors seeking capital preservation and current income

The Primary Goal of this strategy is to allow individual and corporate investors the ability to invest Harvard, Yale, and Notre Dame like strategies. This strategy evolved from searching for the answer to the simple question “How can multi billion dollar endowments make so much more money than individual investors?" We have combined some unique opportunities to create a strategy with 100% transparency and 100% liquidity. We accomplish this by combining Real Estate and Natural Resources with Private Equity and Venture Capital. The Secondary Goal of this strategy is to use multiple hedging tools to help reduce the volatility of the private equity and venture capital asset classes.  This strategy must be left alone for one full market cycle which is a 5-7 year time frame commitment even though there is 100% liquidity and transparency.  This strategy will range between 70-100% stock market exposure.


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