Founder/Senior Partner

Director of Portfolio Management

Accredited Investment Fiduciary

401(K) Plan Consultant

30 Years of Financial Industry Experience


Currently Participating in the

Certified Investment Management Analyst  

program at the Yale School of Management

Daniel Korth graduated Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1988.   He relocated to the Boston area and completed a 90 day interview process with Prudential Bach Investments, but turned down a career opportunity from the “captive” office in pursuit of an independent career path. Since March of 1989, Daniel has been an Independent Advisor, maintaining a non-traditional approach towards managing risk and the volatility existing in global capital markets.


During the 2000-2002 Tech Bubble, Daniel realized that traditional investing methods such as: Buy and Hold, Value Investing, Modern Portfolio Theory, Efficient Markets Hypothesis,Rational Investor Theory, Efficient Frontier and Strategic Asset Allocation all have flaws.  The wrong timing of implementing these “theories” in the real world can be devastating. 


This inspired Daniel to extensively research Billion Dollar Endowments and their investment strategies.  The results of endowments consistently outperforming individual investors led Daniel to implement policies that manage risk first and let returns take care of themselves.


Daniel began working with other like-minded tactical Risk Managers in 2001.  He relied on strategies that were flexible and had the ability to hide in cash (defensive), “hedge” the markets (defensive) and short the markets (offensive), in order to preserve capital or make money while the markets were in correction mode.  

The 2008 Credit Crash created a deeper appreciation for managing risk. Daniel took on a more active role in the fund selection process, as well as the correlation and non-correlation of offensive and defensive strategies.  


Hypothetical and back-tested strategies are irrelevant, because they have not been tested in the real world.  The Harvard and MIT graduates and Risk Managers who are part of the Lily Wealth Management team all have proven track records.  A person cannot risk his or her hard earned assets on a theory.  The markets have humbled more than one Nobel laureate and their theories.  As Benoit Mandelbrot once said, “Many a grand theory has died under the onslaught of real data.”


Daniel has co-founded Lily Wealth Management to implement Institutional Style Management for diverse individual investors, non-profit and religious organizations.  Daniel has made a personal commitment to help make these Endowment and Institutional Style Strategies fully transparent and accessible to individual investors who might have less resources.

Daniel Lee Korth

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