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Dan Korth - The Investment Management Guru

Dan is the nerd when it comes to managing money. He is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and is currently participating in the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) program at the prestigious Yale School of Business.  For 29 years he has managed money for individual and corporate clients. Dan is the master of what’s called “tactical money management.” Tactical money management is a position of NOT sitting back and waiting for the market to recover from losses(buy and hold). It is a known fact that markets WILL change as markets do not repeat but they do actually rhyme. Dan has spent almost 3 decades creating a process that reacts to market changes in a timely manner. Dan’s tactics should result in an increased rate of return for lower risk.  Sounds good, right?


Let’s take 2002 for example… A “buy and hold” investor would just ride through the market as the S&P lost 22% that year. Keep the holdings, and hope for the market to go up, but that year most asset classes went down.  Dan’s clients either made 2% or lost 2% in 2002 due to rotating into cash and or bonds that year.  A tactical manager has the flexibility to rotate assets into different classes (bonds, stocks, commodities, real estate, gold, venture capital, etc.) in order to minimize losses. Dan’s skilled at managing strategies that rotate between long,short and leveraged positions. It is important to understand that a tactical money manager might not exceed the average rate of return when the market is going straight up, but by rotating investments  to minimize loss during down periods, the average investment return over time could be higher and with a much easier ride!  The markets change, and so will we. 

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